​The Legal Framework for Anti Doping in Qatari Sport Law and International Sport Law

Here is my work it’s about “The Legal Framework for Anti-Doping in Qatari Sport Law and International Sport Law” its first draft for my project I’ve uploaded as attachment please read it and write the second draft which is shown below:

Second draft project, it will include:

• Participant’s name

• Project title

• A definitive brief (problem, reasons for the selection, objectives.)

• An explanation of the background related to the object of study.

• Presentation of the problem on which the Project is based

• Justification of the chosen theme

• A definite presentation of the theoretical framework

• A definite presentation of the work methodology

• Description of all the bibliographic, legislative and jurisprudential

material analyzed.

• A detailed presentation of the information obtained

• First conclusions for the research itinerary

• A general and schematic proposal to improve the professional field for

the professional itinerary.

• The bibliography consulted

*** Words count = 4000 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** I’ve uploaded attachment named “My Work” it’s about first draft.

*** Also, I’ve uploaded attachment named “Second Draft” it explains how to write second drafts.

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