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Instructions:A company called Nastech was involved in developing intranasal formulations of drugs to treat avariety of different diseases. Dr Steven Quay was a founder of Nastech; he (and his colleagues,including Dr Alexis Leonard) filed several patent applications covering his inventions; some ofthese patents were subsequently licensed or acquired by other companies. One of these patentapplications was for intranasal formulations of carbetocin (an oxytocin analog), for possibletreatment of autism and other conditions.Question 1:What is the patent number of the US granted patent described above?Answer 1:Question 2:What is the number of the corresponding US published application?Answer 2:Question 3:Compare the claims in the granted patent vs. the published application. What is/are the majordifference(s) between the claims in these two documents? (one or two sentences; hint: focus onClaim 1)Answer 3:Question 4:What is one key piece of translational research data presented in the patent documents thatsupports the claims? (one or two sentences; hint: do any of the “Examples” contain translationalresearch data?)Answer

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