10 questions

1.Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using coworkers as trainers.2.Why would an organization decide to use focal-point reviews instead of the less burdensome anniversary model for performance appraisals?3.Discuss neutralization as a means of dealing with an employee whose performance does not improve after repeated warnings and counseling.4.What is the difference between job analysis and job evaluation?5.What are benchmark jobs and how are they used for placing a specific job into a pay grade?6.What are the advantages and disadvantages of delaying payout of performance-based pay rather than paying the reward immediately?7.Since performance can be measured at the individual, work team, department, plant, strategic business unit, or organizational level, how does a company specify the level of aggregation for reward distribution?8.What are the risks associated with profit-sharing programs for employees and firms?9.List three methods organizations use to reduce the incidence of diseases as a result of exposure to some chemical agent or toxin.10.List and briefly define the five types of bargaining used in contract negotiation.

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