Use this Word document for this lab. In this lab you will use Stuve diagrams (from radiosonde soundings) and a surface weather map to forecast the likelihood of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in the United States for a specific day.TornadoStuveLab_v1-1.docxActionsYou will be filling out information for several Stuve diagrams which are provided below as well. The values of CAPE, LI, PW, and HEL are all provided in the column to the right of the Stuve diagram. For “Parcel Description” and “Dewpoint Description” briefly describe the shape of these two lines on the Stuve diagram.STUVES:KBNA_201404281200.gifKCHS_201404281200.gifKEET_201404281200.gifKFFC_201404281200.gifKGSO_201404281200.gifKJAN_201404281200.gifKJAX_201404281200.gifKLIX_201404281200.gifKSGF_201404281200.gifKTLH_201404281200.gifYou can use this map of the United States as reference for the locations of each station identifier in each Stuve daigram.raob_conus_select.gifUse this surface weather map to see if there are any fronts or boundaries on this day.SURFACE MAP:sfcplot_sm_20140428.gifUse these maps to verify your forecasts.VERIFICATION:140428_rpts.gif.pngday1otlk_v_20140428_1200.gifday1otlk_20140428_1200_prt.gif

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