25 multiple choice questions phrase the purpose statement, business and finance help

I need help with the following 25 multiple choice questions:

1. The best way to phrase the purpose statement of a report is with ____________.

a. a controversial statement b. an infinitive phrase c. complex language d. jargon

2. Which of the following is not an infinitive phrase?

a. to determine b. to think clearly c. to our loyal customers d. to prioritize and organize

3. Which of the following is the least clear statement of purpose?

a. “To answer the question, ‘Which of four investments will provide the highest return?’ “ b. “To analyze four potential investments.” c. “To evaluate and make recommendations based on data.” d. “To determine which of four alternative investments will have the highest return.”

4. A formal work plan includes all of the following except ____________.

a. a statement of the purpose and scope of your investigation b. plans for following up after delivering the report c. a statement of the problem or opportunity addressed in your report d. plans for what will happen if funds for the project are cancelled

5. When selecting media for a report, ____________.

a. you should choose the ones that are most economical b. you should choose the ones that are most convenient c. your decisions should reflect your audience’s expectations d. you should always present your report in writing

6. The CEO of a pharmaceutical company asks you to assess the company’s adherence to laws  governing television ads for prescription drugs. The CEO has requested a ____________.

a. compliance report b. work plan c. policy report d. personal activity report

7. For most audiences, reading online is ____________ than reading from a printed page.

a. easier b. more difficult c. much faster d. neither easier nor more difficult

8. Which of the following is not a common organizational format for analytical reports?

a. focusing on conclusions b. focusing on logical argument c. focusing on information d. focusing on recommendations

9. The 2 + 2 = 4 approach _____________.

a. is far more complicated than any other organizational strategy b. generally works only with lengthy, nonroutine reports c. is the first logical argument strategy to try d. is the only approach that is appropriate for any business report

10. The writing style for a report should be more formal if ____________.

a. you know your readers reasonably well b. the report is relatively short c. the subject is controversial or complex d. your report is internal

11. In the close of a report intended to prompt sales personnel to meet specific goals, you should  ____________.

a. make sure your readers understand exactly what’s expected of them and when it’s  expected b. imply that they will be fired if the goals are not achieved c. instruct your audience to contact you about what they should do next d. provide hints on what the audience should do so you don’t sound like you’re giving  orders

12. The introduction of a solicited proposal ____________.

a. should downplay the magnitude of the problem you’re addressing b. need not be as detailed as that of an unsolicited proposal c. should refer specifically to the RFP that initiated it d. is expected to be much longer than that of an unsolicited proposal

13. In a proposal to install an air conditioning system, statements such as “Our company has over  25 years of experience installing heating, plumbing, and air conditioning systems” should  appear in what section?

a. Close b. Body c. Introduction d. Appendix

14. Smooth transitions between sections and links to other documents and sources of information  are important ____________.

a. in any report longer than 2 pages b. in print reports, but not in those published online c. whether your report appears in print or online d. in online reports, but not usually necessary in written ones

15. Which of the following would be the most effective review in a formal report?

a. Now that the body of the report is finished, supporting evidence needs to be provided. b. The next segment illustrates potential challenges that our company faces in the coming  decade. c. As this section has shown, our current marketing strategy is highly effective. d. Having outlined the details, I will now offer a few other points.

16. When drafting content for online reports, it is helpful to use the inverted pyramid style of  organization in which you ____________.

a. make readers believe you are headed in one direction and reveal your true intentions at  the end b. cover the most important information first and then gradually reveal more detail c. walk readers through arguments you don’t support and then explain why d. cover the least important information first and work your way to the main idea

17. A letter of ____________ is a specialized cover letter that introduces your report to the  audience.

a. acceptance b. transmittal c. authorization d. introduction

18. The recommended format for a table of contents for a complex formal report should include  ____________.

a. everything but prefatory parts b. every level of heading in the report plus all illustration and table titles c. everything but supplementary parts d. two tables: a high-level table with only major headings and a detailed table with all  other headings

19. Which of the following is not a typical function of the introduction to a report?

a. telling the audience what the report is about b. outlining how the report is organized c. documenting sources d. explaining to readers why they should be concerned about the topic

20. The prefatory parts of a formal proposal may include ____________.

a. an index b. a copy of the RFP c. visual elements d. a letter of authorization

21.  You’re  sending  an  unsolicited  proposal  to  a  local  restaurant  in  an  effort  to  become  their    primary food vendor. The letter of transmittal to accompany the proposal should follow the  format for ____________ messages.

a. bad-news b. persuasive c. good-news d. routine

22. Speeches and oral presentations are much like any other messages in that ____________.

a. the interaction between the audience and speaker is similar b. they deal with emotional or personal issues to a similar extent c. they require no planning d. they require similar planning

23. “Now that we’ve identified the problem, let’s take a look at some solutions” is an example of  a ____________.

a. transition that can link two sentences, but not two sections of speech b. good transition between major sections of a speech c. transition that is overly specific and promises too much d. transition that fails to use the proper transitional phrase

24. At the close of a business presentation, ____________.

a. you should avoid making it obvious that you’re about to finish b. be clear about what you want the audience to do next c. audiences resent being reminded of the presentation’s main ideas d. audience attention tends to reach its lowest point

25. The most effective and easiest mode of speech delivery in nearly all situations is ___________.

a. memorization b. impromptu speaking c. speaking from an outline or notes d. reading from a prepared script

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