250 words each 2 disc

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Define the term “Culture Jamming”. Visit Adbusters, and share your impressions of the website. Then, explain how advertising can act as a form of cultural imperialism.



Several Hollywood films during the 1980’s depicted the cold war, which was nearly over. Give an example of a popular Hollywood film from the early to mid 1980’s that reflected the cold war. How did this film reflect the feelings of Americans at the time? How did it reflect the media’s biases of the time?

Please make sure you used this references when you cite. Is very important. APA STYLE. 250 EACH

Moving On: The American People Since 1945, Chapter 13

FEIGENBAUM, H. B. (2011). America’s Cultural Challenge Abroad. Political Science Quarterly, 126(1), 107-129.

“George Lucas Attacks US Cultural Imperialism” The Sydney Morning Herald. (2003, 04, 24).

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