5 health questions

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Mental Health

The perception of mental health is often negative and, in the past few years, has received increased scrutiny as a result of high profile gun massacres. What should we as a society do about mental health issues? Should there be a mental health database as suggested recently? Are drugs the appropriate treatment for a person diagnosed with a mental health condition? In your response, use one or more characteristics of mental health or one or more personality disorders to describe why there should be a database or why a person would need drug therapy. Use two reliable Internet sources to support your answers. Cite your sources at the end of your post



Answer each of the following questions and explain why you hold the position you have taken. Use two reliable Internet sources to support your answers to the first two questions. Cite your sources at the end of your post

1. Should the drinking age be lowered?

2. Should marijuana be legalized?



Answer each of the following questions and explain why you hold the position you have taken.

  • In today’s society, many women are more sexually active than in the past. Some people believe there is no longer a sexual double standard, and women can be just as sexually active as men – without social consequences. Is the double standard gone, or does it still exist? Does the standard differ for women in different countries around the world? How? Why? Does it differ for US women of different demographic backgrounds? How? Why?
  • Behaviors and public policies regarding sexual orientation have changed over time, and the historic 2015 Supreme Court decision lifted many legal restrictions on LGBT people. Despite this, many people still do not accept/support/recognize homosexuality, as evidenced by the 5-4 decision, which means almost half of the Supreme Court Justices voted against marriage equality. The new law has created a changed environment in which there sometimes appear to be conflicting rights. For example, after the Supreme Court decision there was a widely publicized case in which a court clerk refused to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples because her faith does not recognize homosexuality. There have also been instances in which businesses have refused to serve same sex couples because they said they have the right to not serve anyone they choose not to serve. Even more recently there is the issue of gendered public bathrooms. We are right in the midst of a social health crisis! Whose rights take precedence in these situations? Should a government employee be excused from performing aspects of her job that are counter to her religion, or should the fact that she is a government employee require her to perform all aspects of her job? Should privately owned businesses be allowed to select their clientele or should they be required to put their personal feelings aside in their business dealings? Should people be allowed to use public restrooms that match their gender identity or should they use bathrooms according to their sex at birth? How do these situations impact the social health environment? Are there ways to resolve these issues so that everyone is happy – or at least satisfied with the outcome?

Use two reliable Internet resources to support your answers. Cite your sources at the end of your post.



Answer the following questions and use two reliable outside sources to support your position Cite your sources at the end of your post

  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) has been linked to an increased risk for cervical cancer. What makes a virus different from other types of infections? Should HPV prevention medication be required for all girls beginning at age 11 or 12? Should it be required for boys?
  • Discuss at least two types of infectious diseases that occur in different places around the world. What causes them? Using the WHO’s Social Determinants of Health (SDH), how and why might their spread be handled differently in different parts of the world? Again, do not use the SDH definition as your answer: use its meaning to explain your position.


Health Care Decision-Making

We have reached the end of our journey together, and now it is time to look backward and forward. Hopefully, you are now a more informed health care consumer, and your answers to the following questions should reflect your growth. Looking back, do you feel like you know more now than you did at the beginning of the semester? If yes, what information most reflects your growth? If you do not feel that you know more, what information in the course most reinforced what you already knew? Looking forward, answer the following policy-related questions. Should health care be “free” for everyone? Why? Who should pay for health insurance? How should self-care fit into this situation? Should the demographic data in the CDC analysis (i.e., health disparities) be taken into consideration when determining health care costs? Why? In light of our ever-changing political environment, health care reform in the United States is likely to be in a state of flux for years to come… but should it be? Discuss the pro and con positions being taken on health care. You will probably need to access news sites for this assignment. Any two of the following are acceptable: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, C-SPAN, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, Washington Post, New York Times. Cite your sources at the end of your post.


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