A law that imposes criminal punishment for an act law homework help

 question 1:

A law that imposes criminal punishment for an act that was not a crime at the time the act occurred or that increases the punishment for a crime is known as

question 2:

The Reconstruction Amendments include the , , and Amendments.

question 3:

The Supreme Court has upheld federal civil rights legislation which prohibits discrimination in restaurants and hotels pursuant to the power to regulate .

question 4:

A document filed in court in which a prisoner (or other person in custody) requests that he or she be released from custody is called a   ….

question 5:

The notion that no state can deprive a person of life, liberty, or property without due process is found in the …..

question 6:

In the case of Plessy v. Ferguson, the Supreme Court ruled that segregation was lawful as long as separate facilities were …

question 7:

test is required where a state has purposefully discriminated.

question 8:

A is a classification that includes groups who have historically been the target of discrimination.

question 9:

The test for evaluating state laws is the lowest standard used by the Court.

question 10:

A [fundamental] right is the basic rights, such as the right to vote and travel, and are strongly protected by the Constitution …..

question 11:

The Court has acknowledged that it has no constitutional power to use the Fourteenth Amendment against ____________ parties.

Dear writer please answer the following fill in blank questions thanks

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