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The video case is available on : http://www.cengage.com/management/book_content/hanson_9780170227643/index-13.html?asset=spanx

Before answering the questions though, take a moment and look at the similarities between IAC and Procter & Gamble. Make sure you draw a comparison between the two companies when doing this exercise. Are there other companies that operate in a similar way?


  1. Is there evidence in the account of Sara Blakely that strategic entrepreneurship exists?
  2. Does Sara Blakely set the stage for corporate entrepreneurship?
  3. What entrepreneurial opportunities do you see ahead for Sara Blakely?
  4. How would you classify the SPANX innovation? What advantages and risks are associated with the SPANX innovation?
  5. Is Sara Blakely an entrepreneur with an entrepreneurial mind-set?
  6. Should Sara Blakely pursue international entrepreneurship? Why or why not? What concerns might she have?

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