A research paper about Economic

Topic:  The Impacts Of The Ebola Outbreak On The Global Travel Industry

l  The final paper is a 10 pages (double spaced and 12 point font) analysis of a competitive situation or industry practice. Reference list is not include in 10 pages.

l  An important aspect of business communication is the elimination of the extraneous. Supporting exhibits are not counted in the page total. Using a few well-chosen exhibits is a better strategy than many irrelevant exhibits. It is important to provide references for facts you rely on in the analysis.

l  The paper’s focus should be on analysis, with industry description provided to support that analysis. A common mistake is too much description, too little analysis.

l  This project is intended for you to perform hands-on strategic analysis. If you were handed a project to analyze a strategic situation by the CEO of your company, what would you hand back?

l  The paper will be checked for plagiarism. Any kind of plagiarism leads fail of the class.

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