A theatre restaurant is proposed for an existing building, the plan shape of which is shown on…

The Scenario

A theatre restaurant is proposed for an existing building, the plan shape of which is shown on

the attached diagram. The existing building features exposed brickwork and timber inside

and it has been decided that renovation/building works required to make the building suitable

for this purpose should utilise exposed timber as much as possible, both for finishes such as

flooring and wall lining, and for all structural support members.

You are being asked to produce a design for certain aspects of this building.


This exercise may be undertaken in groups of three, resulting in a joint submission. This is

the preferred option; students may work individually if preferred, but there will be no

concession concerning the requirements in this case.

A single submission is required from each group on Moodle, comprising the following:

i) Design of an architectural layout for the building

An architectural layout for this building is to be designed and drawn to scale, allowing

for all the requirements detailed later. A one page ‘Design Memorandum’ should also

be produced, which explains the logic behind the layout adopted.

ii) Design of the floor system for the mezzanine floor

Design the bearers and joists for the mezzanine floor. Further information is provided


iii) Design of the supporting columns for the mezzanine floor

Design these columns. Further information is provided below


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