ADMN702 Nairobi Brent Crude Oil Futures Contract Futures Contracts Project

Part 5 Project – Futures Contracts and News Events (5% of Grade)

Part 1: Futures Contracts


Select three futures contracts, at least one being a financial futures and one a commodities futures, from at least two different exchanges.Do not select interest rate futures as they require specialized knowledge.Neatly report the following in a Word (or similar) document or table.Depending on the contract or website, some information may be missing.

  • Name of contract and exchange
  • Basic contract information: price quotation information, trading units, minimum price fluctuation, daily price limit, delivery months
  • Delivery information: deliverable grades, deliverable points or methods, last trading day, last delivery or settlement day

Some futures exchange web sites are below.Contract choices are usually under “PRODUCTS.”

CME Group:

Example of coal futures contract:

Intercontinental Exchange:

Example of a canola futures contract:

Part 2: News Events


Find and read two articles from a recent periodical(s) or from the Internet dealing with an event affecting the price of a commodity or currency futures contract.Each article should cover a different commodity or currency.One article should cover a commodity, the other should cover a currency.For each article, turn in the following:

  • At most a half-page (must be typed, single-spaced) write-up describing what the news event was and how and why it affected the commodity or currency

Yahoo’s finance site is an excellent source to find news articles.The following addresses may be helpful:

How and What to Turn In

Put your name on your Word documents and combine them into one file.Email the file to the instructor directly ( or through the Canvas messaging system.

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