After read 2 small books, answer questions and write one essay (3 pages)

ATTENTION: ( I post those two book on the file )

1. Answer those two books questions as below. (two book’s questions write on one Microsoft word) no limit page

2. According to read 2 books and essay topic as below, write one essay. ( open a new Microsoft word to write essay)

The questions about the first book :

Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourselves to Death. Complete questions

  • Why is LasVegas a metaphor modern society?
  • What is the difference between
    • an oral society
    • a print society
    • an image-based society
  • why does Postman think that’s important
  • Can you explain the “smoke signal” analogy?
  • How does it apply to our current society
  • What is the significance of the discussion of Lincoln-Douglas debate?

The questions about second book:

Read Carr’s book, The Shallows.

  • What is the main point of this book?
  • What are Carr’s biggest concerns?
  • What does neurology have to do with media impact? How?

Essay topic: TIMES ROMAN, DOUBLE SPACE, 3 pages

How do the following quotes complement each other as they explain the progress and concerns regarding technology and human thought and culture in the digital age?

Be complete in your explanation and use your own words and examples.

EVALUATION: This work will be evaluated on structure (beginning, middle, end), logical progression, completeness and clarity of thought.

“Our languages are our media, our media are our metaphors. Our metaphors create the content of our culture.” Postman, p. 15

“We seem to have arrived, as McLuhan said we would, at an important juncture in our intellectual and cultural history, a moment of transition between two very different modes of thinking… For the last five centuries, ever since Gutenberg’s printing press made book reading a popular pursuit, the linear, literary mind has been at the center of art, science and society. As supple as it is subtle, it’s been the imaginative mind of the Renaissance, the rational mind of the enlightenment, the inventive mind of the Industrial Revolution, even the subversive mind of Modernism. It may soon be yesterday’s mind.” Carr, P. 10

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