American Military University Biggest Threat to America Today Paper

This paper will a research paper on what you feel is the biggest threat to America today. It is to be between 3-5 double spaced pages in length. All sources need to cited. It will be a college style research paper in Chicago style formatting

Basically, you need to choose and defend one “biggest threat”, and not try do do a survey of many threats. In the opening paragraph, you need to identify the purpose for the paper, the main point you will make, and some of the key points you will explore. In the following paragraphs develop those key points, provide some evidence (a fact, figures, examples) and comment on how or why they each supports your thesis (main point) as you go along. Usually,explore only one or two key points in each paragraph. Don’t forget to cite where you got your information. At the end, the conclusion, you need to rephrase (try to avoid just quoting) your thesis (main point) and then identify how some of the key points you have discussed support your argument. Finally, close with a “take-away thought”, a reason to remember what you wrote is important to the reader.

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