American University Relationship Between Christianity & Satanism Discussion

Your final project can be either an essay or alternative project (in consultation with me), in which you to examine a religious tradition of your own choosing as it is lived and expressed in the contemporary American context. What has changed? What has remained the same? This essay is your opportunity to reflect upon the theme of the course by exploring how religious traditions have changed over time. This project will have four parts: a proposal, an outline and bibliography, the final product, and a presentation. Specific details will be provided.

this time just working on outline,I want to discuss the relationship between Christianity and Satanism. Many people think that Satanism is a heresy derived from Christianity. Others think that Satanism is a correct religion. I want to write about this topic. Please help me with outline.

And in three days with this outline for final paper, I will open another new question in two days, thank you!

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