An international travel company consists of a number of branches located all over the… 1 answer below »

An international travel company consists of a number of branches located all over the

world. A branch is identified by an address, that consists of a country name, city, street,

and building number. The branches are also described by a phone and fax numbers, email

address, and local name. An address, phone number, fax number, and email address are

unique for all branches. All branches located in the same country have unique local names.

A branch has a number of employees. An employee is described by an employee number

which is unique within a branch, first and last name, date of birth and position occupied

at a branch. An employee works at one branch only. It may happen that two or more

employees each working in a different branch have the same employee number.

The branches offer the travel opportunities, later on called as “trips” to the customers. A

trip is described by a unique name, total price, and short description. A trip consists of a

departure location, zero or more of intermediate stops and a destination location. The

stops have unique numbers within a trip. A departure location, destination location, and

locations of intermediate stops are described by a unique name for example, Singapore

Airport or Central Railway Station in Sydney.

The customers looking for the exciting travel trips are described by the first and last name,

and unique phone number.

The customers book the trips. A booking is described by a booking date and planned

departure date.

Your task is to create a conceptual schema of the sample database domain given above and

to draw such schema in a notation of UML simplified classes of objects explained to you

during the lecture classes in CSIT115. No other notation will be accepted !

To create a conceptual schema, use a methodology explained to you in a presentation 04

Conceptual Modeling. First, read through the specification listed above and find all classes

of objects. Next, read through the specification again and find all attributes. Next, read

through the specification again and find all associations, link attributes, and association

classes. Next, read through the specification again and find identifiers and qualifications.

Finally, read through the specification and find generalizations. Entire process described

above must be included in the outcomes from the implementation of this task.

To create the fragments of conceptual schema obtained after each iteration use a diagram

drawing tool UMLet.


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