Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies Texts that can be analyzed: Ken Robinson’s “Schools Kill…

Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies

Texts that can be analyzed: Ken Robinson’s “Schools Kill Creativity” or Dan Pink’s “The Puzzle of Motivation.”

The above authors use various rhetorical strategies throughout their texts in order to identify with and persuade their audience. For this essay, select a text to focus on, and analyze how the strategies make for a more persuasive argument provided the context that the argument responds to, the topic of the argument, the context in which the argument is published (speech and its location), the intended audience, and/or the author’s purpose.

Prompt: You will discuss how the author that you select for analysis makes use of rhetorical strategies to achieve his desired purpose. You can consider how the author uses strategies to respond to context (publication venue, audience based upon venue, situation or circumstances that gave rise to the need for argument), identify with a specific audience, move his audience past apathy, set a framework for his argument, and/or persuade the audience in some way.

In this essay, you will provide a close reading and analysis of at least three specific strategies. You can discuss how a one move incorporates a number of strategies, or you can analyze one example in terms of a specific strategy.

Criteria for evaluation:

•introduce and contextualize the text, argument, and project.

•identify at least three strategies that the author uses throughout the text (your thesis).

•provide clear and specific examples in which the author used those strategies.

•analyze the effect of those rhetorical strategies. How do they affect the audience? In what ways do they advance or harm the author’s ability to persuade the reader?

•evaluate the effectiveness of the use of those strategies and address why the author might have chosen those strategies.

•conclusion should provide a discussion of the significance of the strategies and the author’s work as a whole. What would happen if any one of those discussed strategies were not selected to be used in the book (how would this have made the argument different)? Then, reflect about the general: what is the significance of this topic to you or to anyone?

For a successful paper, make sure to:

•Have a clear thesis that signals your argument to the reader.

•Topic sentences must map out your organizational theme.

•Write the paper as if addressing an educated reader who is unfamiliar with the text in focus.

•Edit your paper thoroughly so that sentences are easy to read and error-free.

•Use MLA format. Include a works cited page that lists the author and his text. No outside sources are necessary.

Length: 4 – 6 pages





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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies


Rhetorical strategies are used to send a convincing message to the audience or readers. The strategies can also be used to spark a thought or emotions, and are used as complements in speeches or in texts. Author, Dan Pink, in his thought-provoking speech, The Puzzle of Motivation, which he talks about the effects of motivation, was delivered in 2009 at the TED Talk ( The purpose of the speech was to show the audience that the introduction of incentives as form of rewards, in most…..


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