Ancient Silk Road Interactions World History Project help

Part 1: Ancient Silk Road Interactions

Once you have reviewed what you learned about the Silk Road, do some research to expand your understanding. 

Now, research the geography of Asia and the Middle East using atlases, globes, or the internet.

Also, make sure you can identify the following bodies of water:

  • Persian Gulf
  • Arabian Sea
  • Mediterranean Sea.

Part 2: Research

Using the Silk Road map or internet resources, research the different routes of the Silk Road. Write a report of 200-300 words discussing three different routes along the Silk Road. You will discuss factual information using descriptive language. Consider the landmarks, water masses, road conditions and other geographical elements. Review your first draft and check for any grammatical errors before turning this in with the other parts of this unit project. Use in-text citations for your source.

Part 3: Writing a Reflective Journal Essay

Write a travel journal entry from the perspective of a participant in trade along the Silk Road. Is traveler in a caravan, a merchant at an oasis outpost, or a missionary? What does she trade? How does she travel? Where is she from and where is she going? Be very descriptive and describe the sights, sounds, people, and adventures she encounters on her journey.

Your reflective journal essay should clearly show your understanding of the material you have studied throughout this unit. Make sure to include details and specific historical facts that demonstrate your understanding of the topics presented in this unit. This paper must be written in MLA style.This paper must be at least 500 words.

Part 4:

Create a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates your main ideas for your essay in Part Three. Your PowerPoint needs to have these components:

Use at least two sources, in-text citations and create a Works Cited page. Submit all parts of this project on the same document, and label each part of the project. Remember to upload your PowerPoint presentation so that all parts are submitted together.

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