answer each questions with 5 sentences

1. Identify steps in the recruitment and selection process in public sector. Compare and contrast internal and external recruitment techniques. What are some of the risks associated with not staffing an organization correctly?2. Outsourcing or privatization of government services displaces value issues governments deal with in recruitment and selection processes. Which values do you think will be emphasized by private employment agencies? Can the benefits of outsourcing be realized if vendors are required to incorporate the values of responsiveness, efficiency, social equity, and individual rights into their practices?3.Some research shows that fairness in performance appraisal leads to positive employee behavior, commitment, and satisfaction. Fairness is associated with formality, due process, rules, and procedures. Contemporary organizations need to be flexible and adaptable. Can employees in all occupations be evaluated by 360-degree feed-back systems? Identify the contemporary challenges to performance appraisal. How is the tension between administrative efficiency and individual rights reflected in the appraisal function?

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