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1. Based on the first segment, “Summer of Love,” list two positive and two negative aspects of the hippie movement.

2. Based on the second segment, the interview with Timothy Leary, what do you think Leary means by suggesting that drugs can bring people closer to God?

3. Based on the third segment, “Hippies and Drugs,” do you agree with the totally negative portrayal of the hippie movement offered by this reporter? Or do you think hippies had some redeeming qualities? There is no “Answer” thread for this question, but please discuss the matter fully.

4. List three reasons why Dr. King was in favor of nonviolence as a strategy for black resistance.

5. List three reasons why Malcolm X was against King’s strategy of nonviolence, and favored armed black self-defense instead.

6. Whom do you most agree with, Dr. King or Malcolm X, on this issue? There is no “Answer” thread for this question, but please debate the issue fully.


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