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Answer the following question and I would like you to provide me with references that is not older than 5 years old please for each please

Question 1

A pediatric patient has just been diagnosed with otitis externa. Which of the following should the patient be instructed to do?

Use alcohol drops before swimming

Wear earplugs at all times with swimming

Limit swimming for the remainder of summer

Keep ear dry until symptoms improve

Question 2

The nurse practitioner is performing a Fluorescein staining of the eye. Which of the following is this intervention used to detect?




Corneal abrasion

Question 3

The incidence of epiglottis has decreased due to which of the following immunizations?





Question 4

You are examining a patient who you suspect has fifth disease. Which of the following is true regarding this disease?

Characterized by prolonged coughing

Transmitted via the deer tick

Seen in children 5 to 14 year

Treated with erythromycin

Question 5

What is the specific viral organism causes hand, foot, mouth syndrome?



Herpes simplex 1



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