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You are to read Elaine Lawless’ ethnography God’s Peculiar People. You must write a report, four (4) pages long, double-spaced, concisely addressing the points below.

You will be graded on content, style, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Be concise and focused in your writing, in extracting information from the ethnography and in summarizing it in your own voice. Any direct quotations MUST be indicated as such – place in quotation marks (“”) and give the page number. In general, however, Irecommend that you write in your own words and use quotations sparingly if at all, where they make the greatest impact (rule of thumb: not more than one shot quote per page). Report on the following aspects of the culture of the people the article is about. Some sections you may cover in a paragraph, others will be longer.
1) Kin structure, Marriage patterns
2) Economic patterns (how do they make a living?)
3) Ritual practices and religion
4) Choose at least two (2) aspects of the local culture and explain how they provide a window into the people and their society.
5) What about this group made the greatest impact on you? How are their lives most and least like your own life?


Cover Page (with photo of site/event)
Four pages (minimum), double-spaced (size 12 fonts, Times New Roman) Sources (Properly cited on separate page)


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