Application Form For Funding From The Grand Challenges Global Health

Topic: Application form for funding from the Grand Challenges Global Health

Type of paper: Essay (any type)

Discipline: Health Care and Life Sciences : Public Health

Format or citation style: APA


You are required to submit a research proposal for a three-year project in responding to the Gates Foundation call for funding applications for the Grand Challenges program, which is a set of initiatives “fostering innovation to solve key problems in global health and development for those most in need”. You could either choose the topic you worked for Assessment 1 or a different topic on one of the themes. You must address the selected global health issue using mixed methods. The proposal should focus on your selected population in a particular context and include:
1.Background/ rationale,
2.Study design (research question, aims and objectives; methods (sample, data collection and analysis, and evaluation),
3.Ethical considerations.
Use the template for the proposal: Template for final written assignment.doc


Hi, this paper is a very professional research proposal for funding applications, and please use more than 15 references to complete it. Is that ok for you?

(1) Each grant must be for three years, and can be up to USD $1,000,000.
(2) The proposal must address one selected global health issue, using mixed methods, for a specific population in a particular context.
(3) All sections of the application form must be filled in, and the proposal must meet all the specific requirements as stated in the form.

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