Apply knowledge of import and export for international conventions, laws and finance Assessment…

Apply knowledge of import and export for international conventions, laws and finance Assessment

Assessment Task 1 – Knowledge Questions

1.1. List one example of DOMESTIC legislation that is important to be aware of when importing and exporting goods. Briefly describe the purpose of this legislation.

1.2 List one example of an INTERNATIONAL convention relating to the importing and exporting of goods. Briefly describe the purpose of this international convention.

1.3 Write down the full names for the following acronyms relating to international banking.




1.4 Write down the full names for the following acronyms relating to international organisations, bodies and legislations.












1.5 Can an overseas trader who is buying your exports take any legal action against you if you fail to comply with an INCOTERM that you have not agreed on in the contract between yourselves?  Why or why not?

1.6 The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) was established by the General Assembly in 1966 to develop conventions throughout member states to smooth out different country laws governing international trade which created obstacles to the smooth flow of trade finance. Many participating countries have adopted the UN convention as part of their trading practice. Does participation in UNCITRAL necessarily weaken a country's sovereign legal system? Why?

1.7 Provide short descriptions/definitions of the following terminologies.


Exchange rate

Foreign exchange balances

The factors that determine exchange rates

The three primary types of foreign exchange transactions

1.8 Briefly describe the following four sources of international laws.



General Principles of Law

Judicial decisions and legal scholarship

1.9 Briefly describe the difference between an international convention and a law.

Assessment task 2 – Self-reflection Report

2.1 If you started a new job in international trade, and there were tasks as part of the job you were not sure about, give at least three examples of how would you identify the gaps in your skill and knowledge?

2.2 Once you have identified the gaps, give at least three examples of what would you proactively do something about it?

2.3 After you complete Certificate IV in International Trade, give at least five examples of how would you plan to keep yourself up-to-date with changes in international conventions/laws?

2.4 List at least five places you can access either online or physically that can provide you with further information on importing and exporting and some international conventions and laws.

2.5 If you were preparing a report for the import or export of a cargo from Australia, briefly describe at least five important items in that report you would review and analyse to improve your knowledge of the accuracy/ validity of that report before you present the report to your supervisor.

For example, you may wish to review and analyse tariffs in the target country or customs restrictions in case you overlooked this important issue.  What other areas of the report would you review and analyse?

2.6 After you reviewed your import and export report you found some gaps in your skills and knowledge identify at least three places you could go to gain further learning / training.

2.7 What type of learning can you undertake to ensure currency and adequacy of knowledge and skills in applying international conventions, laws and finance to own work?

2.8 Why is it important to have internal policy and procedure and quotation and invoicing international clients? Where can you find organisations' internal policy and procedure?

Assessment task 3 – Research Report and Role Play

Write a research report on a separate word document based on the following company information provided. Upload that separate document with an appropriate file name. Make sure your report is presented in a professional manner, check for any grammatical and spelling errors. Use Arial/Calibri font, size 12, standard margin. Include student name, student id, unit code, assessment task number and page number in the footer. The research report needs to include a bibliography listing all sources of information used in the preparation of this report.

Company Information

Amcor is a global leader in responsible packaging solutions supplying a broad range of rigid & flexible packaging products into the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco packaging industries.


Imagine you work as an export/import advisor in a private company. Today you have an appointment with a new client who wants to find a sustainable and quality packaging option for beverage. Your client wants to get involved with Amcor because of its popularity in sustainable approaches.

Refer to Amcor's official website and access all the information resources provided to write a research report in a separate word file.

Your report should include the following:-

3.1 Dot point that you think will be important for your client to discuss in terms of sustainable approaches taken by Amcor (100-200 words)

3.2 Identify, interpret and analyse the available options for beverage packaging in at least three different regions and then present your information in a comparison table. (200-300 words)

3.3 Where can your client seek assistance of specialist experts if required, to interpret, analyse and synthesise required information? (200-300 words)

3.4 Imagine your trainer is an international trade expert. Conduct a 10-minute roleplay with your trainer to seek assistance to interpret, analyse and synthesise required information. See the table below for assessment criteria.

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