Arizona State University The America We Live In Book Summary Essay

All the files needed are on google Drive there is two chapters.

chapter 2 is from 10-37 and chapter 3 is from 38 – 61

Also all work needs to be from the book.

you will find the link in the Word doc

Read the two chapters (chapters 2&3) from the book The America We Live In-A View from 30,000 feet

Part 1: Prepare a brief summary of each of the two chapters covering the following:

a. Select one trend or condition that is covered from each of the two chapters that you have a concern about or an interest in and fully describe the trend or condition

b. Discuss how these two trends or conditions affect you as college graduate entering the workforce and beginning your professional life in America.

c. Discuss what actions you can take to deal with these trends or conditions (taking advantage of the positive ones and minimizing the effect of the negative ones).

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