Assignment 1: Primary and Secondary Research Articles

(Please be very detailed with this assignment) and find a great article.Public health is an evidence-based discipline. It is very important for public health professionals to recognize and rely upon primary sources to inform opinion and action. A research report is an example of a primary source, and you can tell because it will outline the materials and methods used in the study, describing how the research was done. A published primary research study is an original document that is the first account of what happened. Review articles are secondary sources. They are designed to give you an overview of the subject and often compile multiple study results from different authors, with discussion. For the purpose of this Assignment, a meta-analysis is considered secondary.Your Instructor will provide you with two articles for this Assignment. One article will be a primary research article and the other a secondary research article, both on the same biological topic. For this Assignment, you compare and contrast the features of the articles, and identify which article is primary and which article is secondary. Then, you will find another primary research article on the same biological topic and discuss why it is primary. It is recommended that you search the Walden Library for your article. Be sure to find an article that is available in full text, and not just the abstract.Your Instructor uses the Module 1 Assignment Rubric to grade this Assignment.By Day 7 of Week 1Submit your Assignment that includes the following:To demonstrate your understanding of primary versus secondary sources, describe the specific features of the two articles provided by your Instructor. Compare and contrast these features-what is similar and what is different between these resources and how do these features support that the resource is primary or secondary?Clearly identify which article is primary and which article is secondary based on these features. .Locate a full text primary research article on the same biological topic and provide the reference in APA format. Support that this article is primary by analyzing and explaining the features that indicate it is a primary source.Provide a concise reflection on how being able to distinguish primary versus secondary articles will help you as a public health professional.

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