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Reflect on the skills you have practiced thus far in the course. You have identified current ASCD SmartBrief

Teacher Magazine Update and EdWeek Update

Ed Week Update: Daily News and Insight

This Week In Education

The Opening Bell

” data-hasqtip=”32″>issues in education. After determining some of the problems related to these issues, you searched for and critically analyzed literature related to those problems. Informed by

” data-hasqtip=”24″>scholarly research, you narrowed the focus of a topic to a

” data-hasqtip=”26″>scholarly inquiry.

In this module, you have revisited those stakeholder is “one who is involved in or affected by a course of action.”

” data-hasqtip=”10″>stakeholders related to a specific problem, and determined essential questions that you will ask stakeholders in order to inform a positive change. You have considered that you must identify, inform, and involve many stakeholders in any plan to effect a positive change. Although many individuals have the ability to identify problems, leaders in education are those who take action to improve situations or solve problems.

For this Assignment, you will apply these skills to address a stakeholder is “one who is involved in or affected by a course of action.”

” data-hasqtip=”11″>stakeholders, and an evaluation strategy. Also include relevant resources that you have located in the library. Note the strategies you, as a leader in education, would take to facilitate change related to the


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