Assignment PRG4 Attached Files: File Hints&Tips4BankingAccountRegister.docx (79.02 KB)…



Attached Files:

File Hints&Tips4BankingAccountRegister.docx (79.02 KB)

Programming Assignment 4 (PRG4) – Windows Application [Scope: Ch 9/10]

Create a Windows application that function like a banking account register. Separate the business logic from the presentation layer.  The graphical user interface should allow user to input the account name, number, and balance.  Provide TextBox objects for withdrawals and deposits.  A button object should be available for clicking to process withdrawal and deposit transactions showing the new balance.


As usual, you will use the cover page to provide the purpose and algorithm for the problem.  Document and use comments within the program body for better understanding.

Post any questions you may have on the discussion board. Good luck



Using ant.DOCx document):

  1. a) Cover Page with purpose/objective & Main Steps and Functions
  2. [Review SampleProgramDocument.docx documents for examples.]
  3. b) Program Source Code

Remember to include comments in the program body to explain the codes.

Ouput – You will copy and paste the output of your program to the document you submit. See or review the SampleProgramDocument. ********************************)

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