Assume you have been hired as an independent consultant to identify and comment on several… 1 answer below »

Required Assume you have been hired as an independent consultant to identify and comment on several aspects of this case which are listed below (see questions, parts (a) – (e)). You should address your report to the Board of Directors of Modern Limited. Your report needs to include an Executive Summary. You need to support your arguments with relevant references where appropriate. The references can be drawn from internationally recognised peer reviewed journals as well. (a) On the assumption that the costs for this trading period will not change significantly from those of the previous period, prepare marginal costing statements to show contributions for each department and contribution and profit for the Store overall on the basis of: (i) All departments remaining in operation (ii) The closure of the Restaurant Department (b) Discuss briefly the financial and non-financial consequences of closing the Restaurant Department. (c) Explain some of the weaknesses in the Restaurant Section of the Modern Limited? (d) (i) Identify the problems which Alison would need to address in her new role as Management Accountant at Modern Limited. (ii)Explain the main factors which will influence the design and implementation of a Management Information System for Modern Ltd. (e) How would you, as Alison, approach the setting up of a budgetary planning and control system for the store and what behavioural problems do you think you might encounter?


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