Base Pay and Employee Rewards Presentation management homework help

Create a 3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals and speaker notes outlining performance-based total compensation plans for two organizations. The organizations must be in different industries, have different employee groups, and utilize different pay strategies.

Include the following in your presentation: APPLE & STARBUCKS are the organizations chosen

Introduction page: Brief description /introduction of companies

  • Describe the pay strategies being used. Since the organizations have different employee groups, the key objectives for each group should be different.
  • Address how pay is used to drive organizational objectives. Include whether or not unions have a role in any of the pay strategies.

Use at least three APA-formatted sources.

Format your presentation’s citations and references consistent with APA guidelines. Use a template with colors. Balance text on screen with quality graphics.

Write a brief (usually about a paragraph per slide) script of what you would say when presenting each slide using the PowerPoint Notes feature. Notes should be what you would actually say for that slide and not in bullet format.

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