Basic Biology Discussions (2)

MAKE A REPLY FOR EACH ( THERE ARE TWO) DISCUSSION AND EACH MUST HAVE A 100 WORD MIN.REPLY 1 :I chose to study this observation because I have already chosen my opinion in favor of breakfast making a difference in school performance. When I was in school, I especially remember middle school, the mornings I skipped breakfast, I would spend the whole morning complaining or staring at the clock waiting until the lunch bell would ring. Now, the mornings I did have a well-balanced and nutrient enriched breakfast, I was able to focus better in class because my stomach would be full, which eliminated the need to waste class time pondering what I would be having for lunch that day.Now, since I am not in school anymore, this observation would be a theoretical analysis on how I would test the theoryYou start with an observation. In this case, my observation would be “Does eating breakfast have an effect on school performance?”Next, taken from the observation, a hypothesis is formed. My hypothesis would be “yes, breakfast does in fact have an effect on school performance”Now, in order to make a determination, an experiment would need to be performed. In these circumstances, I would monitor a class of children who for a week would skip or “fast” breakfast. I would then give them a series of tasks to complete i.e. worksheets, and monitor their performance levels. The following week I would follow the same regimen as the prior week, the only difference I would make would be the supply the students with a well-balanced and nutritional breakfast. They would be given the same tasks to complete.Then, I would collect and analyze all of the data that I have gathered from my study from the two weeks of performing my experiment.The data would include the productivity level of the students with and without having breakfast.At that time, I would be able to confidently be able to come to a final conclusion on if eating breakfast really does pose an impact on the performance of the students.REPLY 2 :Have you ever cut a onion and start to tear up with no control? Ever try to find a way to prevent the crying from happening? Sunglasses, goggles, reading glasses, or even a fan, it cant be this way forever can it?  Will chilling an onion help you from crying while cutting it? The answer is Yes. Chilling an onion before cutting it will help you not to cry and keep people from asking what´s wrong as you cook. If you chill or run water on an onion before cutting it can help lower the enzymes that are realized with the noxious chemicals and reduce the crying effect that happens when cutting a onion. Chilling an onion for up to 20 to 30 minutes before cutting drastically helps the tearing up effect. When you chill a onion it doesn’t have that much synpropanethial-S-oxide. After you chill a onion cut the top peel the skin and cut make sure to leave the bottom of the onion in tact because that is where the most sulphuic compounds are that causes your eyes to tear up. In order to see if this really works I went and got a onion from the store and placed it in to the freezer for 30 min, I then cut the top of the onion and peeled it and began to cut it with caution. I found that I didn’t have any tears and it is wise to have gloves because a frozen onion is extremely cold. I feel like freezing the onion helped reduce the tear or crying effect many people have while cutting a onion.

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