Before you begin your analysis, you are required to take a random sample of size…

Random Sample

Before you begin your analysis, you are required to take a random sample of size

200 from the 253 cases in the file. Use the file Sample-Generator.xls to do this.

Your tutor will show you how this can be done in EXCEL. Your answers to the

questions below are to be based on your sample of 200 cases. Make sure to keep a

safe copy of your sample since you cannot use Sample-Generator to reproduce the

first sample. Provide a printout of the data in your sample, with ID numbers in

ascending order.

Part 1: Initial Data Analysis

Task 1: Variable List

Using the variables listed in the table above, state for each variable whether it is

qualitative or quantitative; if it is qualitative, state whether it is nominal or ordinal,

and if it is quantitative, state whether it is discrete or continuous.

Task 2: Histogram

Create a histogram showing the distribution of salaries. Comment upon the shape of

the distribution: is it symmetric? If it is not, is it positively or negatively skewed?

Are there any outliers present? If so, are they of particular interest?

State which central measure would be best to use to describe the centre of this

distribution, and the reason(s) why.

Task 3: Descriptive Statistics

Prepare a table that shows the 5-number summary and standard deviation of salary for

the five work areas. Construct side-by-side boxplots for the salaries. Briefly

comment upon any differences you observe in salaries for each work site.


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