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As you learned in this module, drug abuse and illegal drugs affect millions of people physically, mentally, and socially. Answer the following questions in your journal regarding the effects drugs can have in these aspects of our lives.PhysicallyThe use of anabolic steroids in athletics is a very controversial topic. What effect do you feel steroid use has on professional sports?Do you think some form of ergogenic drug enhancement should be permitted in sports? Why?MentallyAs seen in the textbook, module videos, and the Indianapolis Star article, addiction is real and powerful. Describe how drugs affect the brain.What treatment methods are available for those addicted to drugs? Which methods do you feel are most effective and why?SociallyRecall theState Marijuana Laws mapfrom the learning activities in this module. There are many states that have legalized marijuana either for medicinal and/or recreational use. Do you think more states will follow?Do you think other drugs may one day be legalized from state to state? If so, what other drugs do you think will become legalized and what reason(s) do you cite for your answer?Do you think people’s attitudes toward drug use is changing?Discuss what happens when an illegal drug becomes legal. Who do you think benefits from the use of legal drugs? Who suffers? Why?Reflection: In 3 – 5 sentences, reflect on drug use and abuse by answering the following:Have you ever used drugs? What factors that have contributed to you personally being a drug user or non-drug user?

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