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Beyond products alone, a Supply Chain must compete in terms of better inventory and distribution trade-off practices than its rivals. .

LA1: K-Mart has been notorious for low or lack of inventory in its stores. From the readings and Instructor Insights; suggest to K-Mart’s VP Supply Chain 3 ways she can improve their levels of inventory.

LA 2: Channel decisions are, in fact, trade-offs since most consumers will not drive up to your factory. They want it where they want it!.

Many Supply Chain functions are behind the scenes in trucks and warehouses; FEDEX even has inventory in transit up in the air. Since FEDEX is multi-modal, they located their primary east-west air cargo transfer center in Memphis, TN.

Provide 2-3 distribution-related reasons behind why it made sense to locate there. It’s OK to use the Internet and Instructor Insights on Distribution practices for this one.


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