BIO 101 – Discussion Board prompts

Please respond to each prompt (1 and 2) as directed.DB#1:What was your initial impression of the Cheyenne Ornithology article? How might your initial impression now be different than it would have been seven weeks ago? What, or anything in the article, would you be most likely to share with someone not in this course, and how would you explain it?  (Please see the article attached).DB#2:Consider your understanding of science at the start of the course and respond to the following:How would you summarize how you thought about science? (2 sentences)Has your view changed? If so, then describe in what way. If not, make a case for why not. (4 sentences)What would you say to yourself about your viewpoints then, if you could? Is it easier to have a conversation about the paradigm of science with your past self or with another person, currently? Why? (4 sentences)What is one positive from learning about science the way you have? What is one negative? What would you tell yourself back in week 1 of the course to help prepare you, if you could? (4 sentences)

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