· Be a minimum of 75 words in length· Include at least one in-text citation along with a reference at the end of the post using APA formatQuestion 1:Discuss the importance of each step in the scientific method. Why do you think scientists utilize this type of experimentation and reasoning?Question 2:Describe the circumstances under which each of the following would be considered to be not sustainable: cutting trees for lumber and paper; use of nuclear energy; use of fossil fuels. How could each activity be managed to make it sustainable?Study MaterialTitle: The Scientific Method After NextDescription: Read “The Scientific Method After Next,” by Stein, from World Future Review (2012).URL: Scientific MethodDescription: View the “Scientific Method” on YouTube.URL: 3:View the Biome Explorer in the topic materials. Click on an ecosystem and a scenario. How might this scenario affect the genetic diversity of the population? Would this be good or bad for the population? Then explain another topic (not listed in the scenarios) that can impact a species population within the ecosystem. Why?Question 4:Species differ greatly in birth and death rates, survivorship, and life spans. There must be advantages and disadvantages in living longer or reproducing more quickly. Why hasn’t evolution selected for the most advantageous combination of characteristics so that all organisms would be more or less alike?

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