Mermaid: The Body Found1.Why has the Aquatic ape hypothesis not taken off?– can you site any evidence that might NOT support this hypothesis?What sort of evidence is missing?–   Are supporters of the aquatic ape hypothesis “Lunatics….on the fringe?” (asElaine Morgan states in the TEDs Talk we viewed)OR  should we view this as good science that includes all lines of thinking?–  Whose voices should we listen to?2.How might documentaries such asMermaid: the Body Foundaffect the public?– Do these types of documentaries create an atmosphere of distrust and fear of science and technology (conspiracy theories) OR  Is this an example of freedom of speech and storytelling: “It’s just mermaids …what harm is there in a little speculation?”– Can the public discern the difference between real science and fake science? What might you look for in a news report, scientific article, documentary or Internet site in search of “the truth” in science?– Please utilizearticles 1 and 2 posted below the video to guide your debate.–What causes the public to doubt science? …….(In what ways mightscience be biased?)Image: down response to these question in 270 words .

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