biology and lab

. Watch out for words that biologists borrow from society in general and then use differently! What is the difference between the way society uses the word community and the way biologists use it? 2. Life is Information Expressed. What sort of biomolecule contains the information for the functioning of an organism within its structure? (What sort of biomolecule represents the most common form of expression of that information?) 3. Life is Responsive. List three examples you are aware of in which your own body responds to changing environmental conditions. 4. List the 3 Domains into which all life is organized. Chapter 1.2 HOMEWORK Consult power-point “Process of Science” for answers. 1. List in logical order, the activities (steps) that are part of the scientific method. 2. What is a null hypothesis? 2. Which of the following two theories is a stronger theory? THEORY A. All life forms have derived from a single common ancestral life-form. THEORY B. The sun is ultimately responsible for most of the free oxygen in the atmosphere of our planet due to it’s role in photosynthesis. Give 3 reasons to support your answer

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