REPLY TO THIS BLOG POST, WORD COUNT OVER 100 AND ADD NO REFERENCESsurface water contaminationNathaniel Desantis,For the human caused environmental issues I chose surface water contamination as a fisherman this issue hurts to see from just trash in the water to fish dying off and losing whole species of marine life all together. Surface water sources range from lake water to ponds and springs. Regardless of the source, similar natural contaminants are to be anticipated and must be addressed by water treatment prior to consumption. As surface water is exposed to all elements of nature, and water tends to dissolve or take away a part of everything it touches, the main water quality issues for surface water tend to be color and turbidity. Color in water can be attributed to tannins, which are fulvic and hemic acids. Tannins derive from the decomposition of organic material. While Turbidity is the amount of solid suspended matter present in the water supply. If you turn on a faucet and fill a glass of water and notice tiny white particulate matter floating down to the bottom of the glass, you have turbidity.Viqua (2021) Surface Water Contamination. Retrieved from:,and%20picks%20up%20something%20from%20anything%20it%20touches.

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