Biology Homework

Read Chapter 9( I attached Chapter 9 here)DNA TESTING in court is always contested especially when used in an exonneration.  If a person is wrongly convicted (even if it was years ago) most courts allow the case to be reopened and retried or just vacated.ORAlso, just recently groups of parents have been allowed to opt out of measles and DPT testing.  THeir reasoning is based on bad science (vaccines cause autism).  The parents feel is that the government can not force anyone to innoculate their children).  The government says it is protecting children and are trying to add more vaccines to a long list of shots children MUST have. You can use any case like this even if  it has not gone to court.Find a legal case involving  exonneration of convicted criminals (the innocence project web site has hundreds) OR parents right to refuse testing)  Write it up and don’t forget to give your opinion.?THE ANSWER SHOULD BE LESS THAN ONE PAGE)NO PLAGIARIMS PLEASE!!! I will check the report

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