Biology Homework 3 parts

There are 3 parts of this homework.Please read the instructions for each part carefully, and read the attachment (For Part B, use the decision making model form attached to put the anwers.)Read the Chapter 8 attached here before doing the homework.PART A: attached is the WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF which has 5 open ended questions that is attached (above) .This chapter covers many issues that YOU will face in the future.  So, I think you should answer these questions about your opinion and what you might do.  LIST ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THIS BOX, then answer each as YOU think you would act.  ONE paragraph on each.  “WHat would you do i”is below.PART B:  Read case study below and complete the decision making model attached TO put yourself in her place.(USE THE DECISION MAKING MODEL ATTACHED TO INPUT THE ANSWER)Case: Martha Lawrence was very nervous when she went to the human genetics unit at the hospital.  Her doctor had referred her because she was unexpectedly pregnant at age 41 and she was at risk for having a child with Down syndrome.  She was 18 weeks (4+ months) which would not leave much time for an abortion considering the results of the amniocentesis takes 2 weeks.Mothers of this age group have a 20 times higher chance of having a baby with a chromosomal abnormality (one more, one less or other).Ms. Lawrence has had two other pregnancies that were normal.  Her other children are 13 and 17.  The genetic counselor, Dr. Gould, suggested an amniocentesis (removal of fluid from around the fetus) to determine the karyotype of the fetus.The test showed that the baby did not have an extra 21 chromosome and therefore did not have Downs.  But the sex chromosomes showed an abnormal karyotype of XYY, Jacob’s syndrome. Review what you know about XYY syndrome.PART C: read the Spotlight on Society on page 177 of Chapter 8,  answer all the questions at the end and add this one:  Do you think this could ever happen in the US?

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