Biology II Midterm due tomorrow 11:59pm

Your midterm will be a virtual, individual assignment. You can choose one of the following to complete:-Website ( or ( or tumblr)-VlogYou have to find a way to tie inALLof the following topics in your multimedia midterm project:-Cellular Reproduction-Meiosis-DNA structure/Function-Bacteria and Archaea-ProtistsYou’ll either have to explain your information at an elementary, lay (someone not familiar with science), or the scientific level. Your midterm project will be due on February 26, 2020 at 11:59 pm.In your project you aren’t giving definitions, you’re explaining in a unique way how all the topics tie in together. If you choose elementary you need to be creative and engaging as they have a short attention span and have little to no knowledge of science. For the lay audience you’ll need to relate it to the real world or real world events. Think of this audience as explaining these subjects to your mother or grandmother. For the scientific audience, you must use scientific language and present your information in a matter of fact way. This requires an innovative mindset.

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