BIology Student Discussion Reply

1.  Student submitted an appropriate and substantive response to another student’s post in a grammatically correct and logical manner2.  Assignment submitted on time and on a different day than other posts3.  Assignment met word count ( 110)Alexis Jackson-PottsWeek 2 Discussion: FungiIn this week’s discussion, the most interesting organism I found is known as a Fungus which is also known as Fungi. This kind of organism is found in numerous habitats such as, land and fresh or seawater, but the organism mostly lives on land (Fungi: What Is Microbiology?”) There are estimated about 144,000 known organisms found in the kingdom Fungi, and the organism can be found as a single cell or can form into multiple different cells (Fungus). Fungi can be found in or on humans, animals, plants, and food. On or in humans’ fungi is a type of disease that consists of athlete’s foot, ringworm, nail infections, and for women vaginal yeast infections. In other areas, fungi are bacterium that leads to mildew, yeasts, rusts, and many more. In humans, Fungi can also be dangerous when it comes to individuals with weak immune systems. It can cause damage or even death to individuals living with HIV/AIDS, individuals that need organ transplants, and cancer patients. Even if the individual is healthy, fungi can find its way to attach itself. It is as easy as breathing or touching an object.Fungi can be found anywhere. Sometimes, the organism can be so small, an individual cannot see the bacterium (Fungal Infections – Protect Your Health). It is hard to prevent this organism because it is found everywhere, but if an individual comes across the bacterium, there are ways to treat the fungi from growing. Multiple different treatment plans are provided to cure the organism appropriately.Word Count: 253References:“Fungal Infections – Protect Your Health.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18 Dec. 2020,“Fungus.” Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.,

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