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Part 2:Blog Response PostPeruse some of the Blog entries made by your fellow classmates. Choose at least one Fermentation blog) that you found useful and comment on how the website helped you with this week’s content. The comment should be 100 words minimum.ForPart 2– posting the Blog Response Post to a fellow classmate, click the “Week 2 Assignment – Website Recommendation Blog” to enter the assignment. The screen will refresh and on the right side will be a black bar with “Blog details” on it and below that will be your name and a down arrow. Click the arrow and all the people who have posted blog posts will be listed. Read through the post by selecting the fellow student’s name and the screen will refresh – scroll to bottom and on the bottom left will be the student’s blog post. When ready to respond, click “Comment” at the end of the blog post and then a space will open below the blog post you are responding to. When done with the response blog post, click “Add”. Then the response blog post is posted.RELPY TO THIS POST :Hello Professor,I choose wine, beer, and spirits since I have always wondered how this process happens.  It is my understanding from the reading and research I have done in this chapter it is clear to me that in order for any type of fermentation to occur the process requires either aerobic respiration or anaerobic respirations.  The main difference between these two is the presence of oxygen and the fermenting factor produced as an end result of the process; Through aerobic respiration produces pyruvic acid while the anerobic respiration process produces lactic acid as an end result; “depending on the environmental conditions, individual cells and microbes have the ability to switch between the two different modes of energy” (Keller , 2021).  It is obvious that in the wine making alcohol fermentation is the process as if the product does not hint the process involved. Yeast used in the process of wine making ferments through anaerobic respiration converting sugars into alcohol.  Yeast is the living organism use in the process which is a fungus. Other products that can prepared using this method are bread, apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, and kombucha.

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