Blood typet

To Access the Virtual Lab: on the “Blood Typing” Lab at the bottom of the list~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Introduction1. Summarize the problem you are trying to solve.2. What is the purpose of this investigation?Explore Lab3.a. What types of serum are available?3.b. What do the antibodies in the serums bind to?4. What are the disposable micropipettes used for?Procedure5. Prediction Chart (indicate YES or NO if you think the blood will clump when exposed to the antibodies)Blood TypeAnti-A AntibodyAnti-B AntibodyAnti-Rh AntibodyABABORh+Rh-6. Observation ChartBlood SampleClumps in Response toAnti-AClumps in Response toAnti-BClumps in Response toAnti-RhType1234Analyze and Conclude7. Which, if any, of the blood samples tested are the patient with type B+ blood receive? Explain why.8. Explain how you were able to use your knowledge of how different types of blood react with Anti-A, Anti-B, and Anti Rh antibodies to determine the blood types of the four samples.9. If a person has Type A blood, he or she would have antibodies for what blood type?10. Why is type O Negative blood known as the universal donor? Why is O Positive not a universal donor?11. If a person has Type O blood, what type(s) of blood would she not be able to receive?12. Is knowing the ABO blood type of a potential blood donor enough to determine a suitable match? Explain your answer.13. What might happen if someone with Type A received a transfusion of Type B blood?

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