Brand Equity, Brand Awareness, and Brand Image

Select one of the following companies or brands that have become well known in their industry or niche: Netflix, Google, Kleenex, Q-tips, Coke, Honda, Disney, McDonalds, or Verizon.

Research the strategic function of branding in general and for your selected brands using the University Library, the applicable course readings, and the Internet.

Write a 1,050 word paper in which you address the following points:

  • The company’s desired outcomes of their marketing communications program
  • How these brands have remained strong and viable over the long term regarding the concepts of brand image and brand equity
  • The role brand image plays in the advertising of a particular company’s product or service
  • How this image compares to a competitor’s image in the same industry

Cite at least two references other than the course texts.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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