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Create a graphic that includes the organizational data client and company plan and master data. The graphic must represent the structure of an enterprise inside the fictitious organization of Runa Uturuncu LLC. You need to include in this organizational graphic the level in SAP ERP, and briefly explain the legal entity of the business. Also briefly explain the organizational data for Runa Uturuncu LLC. (See the graphic below which is also included in the Module 01 Course Project – Introduction.). Create a graphic with Master data based on the organization production, and include a brief summary of the content of each section of the master data.

Company code:

01 US
02 Switzerland
03 Netherlands
04 Gibraltar
Plants: Geneva, Morocco and New Jersey
Store Location: Distribution centers Zurich, Miami, Chicago, and Gibraltar

Data structure in an Enterprise System:

  1. Organizational data (produced, materials stored and later distributed, planning production, and service)
    1. Client and company code (represents the organizational level in SAP ERP, and subsidiaries. Each company has a company code). It is referring to the graphic about the company’s structure graphic with USA and Europe countries
    2. Plant (has multiple functions as producing, distributing, planning and servicing the materials)

Here is an example of master data material:


Master data includes processes that involve buying and selling materials to customers:

  1. Material master (based on different processes such as buying materials, selling, etc.)
  2. Material types (based on the material that the organization produces)
  3. Material groups (raw materials, semi-finished, finished, and trading goods)
  4. Organizational level (client, company code, and plant – the same material will be used in different plants)

You can create your graphics using whatever you wish, e.g., Visio, PowerPoint, or Word.


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