Business Case

Develop a business case to purchase a Unified Communications platform for your organization.  The proposal should be in Powerpoint and should be 4-10 slides. 

Include the following:

·  Summary of what you are proposing and benefits of the system

·  Cost analysis (assume Jan 1 purchase date)

·  Business and Technical Risks

Background Information

Business Problems

·  4 individual companies located in Canada, US, Mexico and Brazil operating independently

·  Management oversight was consolidated into a zone with the hopes of “synergies”

·  There are 9 PBX’s (telephone systems) in total – one for each building. 

·  There is no disaster recovery between the locations or within locations

·  Attempts at leveraging personnel and systems between locations is very difficult for “right-shoring”

·  Systems are not up-to-date and some hardware and software is end of support

·  The business users don’t have key capabilities like screen pop, IVR’s, email management etc.

·  Lack the ability to support global clients due to lack of integration between phone systems

·  To move the two US PBX’s to one PBX in the new building will require additional licenses, hardware installation, and implementation services 

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