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NO PLAGIARISM. IF YOU CANNOT DO ORIGINAL WORK, PLEASE DO NOT BID ON MY ASSIGNMENT AS I HAVE TURNITIN PLAGIARISM CHECKER AND WILL WITHDRAW FOR FOUND PLAGIARISM. The Letter Package Your Assignment involves a combination of research and writing. You are the marketing director for Snyder Software based in your hometown and your company is considering overseas markets for your product. You have chosen one country that you believe will be a good overseas market for your company’s language translation software – you may choose any country that is of interest to you. Your international research begins with learning about the country, how business is conducted, and what expectations are for correspondence. Prepare a letter of introduction to send to a distributor within that country introducing yourself, your company, your product, your interest in working with them, and why they should be interested in distributing your product. You will make up the name of the distributor and the contact person. Make certain your letter meets the cultural expectations of the country you selected based on your research. Your letter should be one page long. Scenario: Anne Snyder, President of Snyder Software wants to review your letter before it is sent out. She has requested that you draft the letter and submit it to her. She also wants you to write a memo to her to accompany the letter that clearly outlines the research you conducted, the sources you reviewed, the information you gathered, and the criteria you used to draft the letter of introduction. Write a memo of 350-500 words summarizing the work you have done. The memo should include at least two viable references, following APA. Put your references at the end of your memo to Snyder. Your letter package submission will demonstrate your ability to research, summarize that research, document the research (remember your APA citations and referencing from the Discussion), and prepare additional documents based on information gathered. Submit the letter package as a singleWord file, just as you would attach the file to your company president in business. Your letter package will include the memo to Snyder, and the requested draft of the letter. Remember to check your punctuation, spelling and grammar before submission to the Dropbox. Checklist summary • Research one country market and its business and correspondence practices. • Summarize the research and document it using APA format. • Draft one letter of introduction to a fictional distributor in which you introduce yourself, your product, your interest in working with them, and why they should be interested in working with you. • Write a memo of 350-500 words to your boss, Anne Snyder, President of Snyder Software, outlining research you conducted, sources reviewed, information gathered, and criteria for writing your introduction letter to the distributor. • Submit as a singleWord file to the Dropbox after checking your punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Useful Resource International Business Etiquette, Manners, & Culture. Retrieved from

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