Business Macy’s, business and finance assignment help

The Paper will be on the Business Macy’s and three main problems that the store brand is facing.

You need to have a clear Introduction, and outline three main problem areas throughout the body of the paper and how they can be resolved. Each main problem area needs to be at least 1.5 pages long. There must be at least 5 references (3 scholarly). This paper needs to be in APA format with a title page and reference page included. I have attached a sample paper from one of my classmates who received a 90% on her paper, so please follow the main strategy she did, but DO NOT COPY her contents, I must come up with my own original paper!!

Here is a link to a website that had some good info, but please do not copy word for word:

I’m on a strict deadline for this paper, please DO NOT ask for an extension!

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